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About Us

Throw you a Bone was created for kids and by kids. Their overall goal is to assist those in need from finding a babysitter, to fostering a dog, to creating valley wide events. The kids are working collectively in their designated departments by combining efforts of who does what and who plays what role. We have a variety of leaders in the community that are volunteering and working with the kids to learn entrepreneur skills that can assist them today and in the future.


Meet the Team

Mackenzie Raner
Vice President
You can find Mackenzie tumbling across the cheer gym daily or with her head in the books to pass her next test.  Her ambitious nature, contagious smile and heart of gold makes her an absolute asset to Throw you a Bone.  Mackenzie is a passionate child that thrives on success, hence why her along with some of her friends wanted to start Throw you a Bone .  She has a love for animals, kids, community, and is a huge adovocate with Anti-bullying.  Stay tuned for what is to come and make sure to follow Mackenzie who also goes by “Mack” or “Kenzie” on social media and see what her next move is.
Jackson Raner
If you don’t see him on the ball field, the football field or at the skate park you can find Jackson making his friends giggle with his comedic personality.  Jack’s intuitive nature makes him cautious and mythodical of what his next step will be.  Jack’s kind heart, empathic nature and truly someone who cares about our community and society.  He is super inventive, articulate and structured.  He will be our little project manager and whip all the other volunteers into shape.  Follow Jack on Social and see what his next invention is.
Mitchell Raner
Creative Thinker
Since you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this kid, let me introduce you to Mitchell aka Mitch.  When Mitch isn’t scoring touchdowns, sliding into home or building his next biggest lego, you can catch him kicking it with the biker gang in the neighborhood.  Mitchell’s social personality, creative nature and big visionary ideas makes him a perfect fit for Throw you a Bone.  Recently he and his brother Jack were thinking of a business that they could start.  He’s says “Mom Jack and I have the perfect business, lets walk dogs, pick up dog doo doo and help people taking out and putting away their trash and recycle bins.”  We would like to call it “J&M Walk, Dump and Poo.”  If that doesn’t sum up this little spit fire I don’t know what does.  Follow Mitch on Social media to see all the fun things to come with “J&M Walk, Dump and Poo!”